P1. Photonics in Switching Technologies, Systems, and Architectures for Communications and Networking

  1. Switching Technologies, Subsystems and Advanced Functionality
    • Optoelectronic and all-optical switches
    • Photonic integrated technologies for compact and low power consumption switching subsystems and modules
    • Wavelength switching and routing technologies
    • Novel phenomena for switching and routing
    • 2D and 3D MEMS/LCOS switches including wavelength selective switches
    • SDM technologies for photonic switching and networking
    • Optical signal processing, modulation, coding/decoding and compensation/error correction techniques for advanced photonic switching system
    • RF over optical processing and transmission
    • Microwave photonics
    • Optical cross-connects and reconfigurable optical add-drop mux/demux
    • Error correction techniques for advanced switching functionality
  2. Switching Digital Technology & Deployable Technology
    • Modelling, design, implementation, Impairment mitigation, algorithms for advanced switching functionality
    • Spectral efficiency exploitation for advanced switching functionality
    • Digital technology for converged mobile and optical networks
    • Design technologies for deployment
    • Demonstrations and field trials
  3. Switching Systems, Architectures and Network Integrations
    • Rapidly reconfigurable switching networks including Wavelength (spectrum) routing and assignment for wavelength-switched optical networks
    • Next-generation GMPLS and OpenFlow
    • Software defined networking for photonic switching systems
    • Energy efficient switch and network architectures and algorithms
    • Physical impairment aware switched-network architectures and algorithms
    • Optical circuit-, burst-, slot-, packet switched systems and their networking
    • Optical interconnects for high-density and large-scale switching technologies

P2. Photonics in Switching Technologies, Systems, and Architectures for Computing and Big Data

  1. Advancement and Evolution of Computing & Big Data Oriented Technologies Exploiting Photonics
    • Advanced photonics technologies for computing & big data applications
    • Hardware architectures for computing and big data
    • Optical switching technologies for high-performance computing and data centers
    • Massively parallel and high-performance super computing
    • Warehouse scale computing
    • Photonic ASIC/FPGA computing
    • Quantum computing
    • Neuromorphic computing
    • Dependable computing
    • Big data-oriented computing
    • Big data storage, scheduling, and optimization
    • Big data maintenance, management, and operations
    • Big data distribution, migration and integration
  2. Applications, Prototyping, and Experimentation of Photonic Networking/Switching Systems for Computing and Big Data
    • Latency/locality/mission-critical systems and applications
    • Fog/edge computing infrastructure and applications
    • Tactile Internet applications
    • Grid computing applications
    • Internet of Things aware systems and applications
    • Prototyping and experimentation for computing and big data oriented systems
  3. Photonic Networking/Switching System Designs and Architectures for Computing and Big Data
    • Availability/reliability/disaster recovery in big data-oriented computing systems
    • Resource provisioning/ metering/ monitoring of computing and big data oriented systems
    • Software defined networking (SDN) for computing and big data control
    • Network function virtualization (NFV) at edges/datacenters
    • Green systems for computing and big data environment
    • Interactions and extensive communications between edge and central cloud