Special Symposia

O1. Future technologies for optical transport network support of post 5G mobile services

Today, 5G is predicted to be one of the major drivers for network expansion. At the 3GPP meeting in July 2018, 5G phase1 related specifications (e.g. Rel-15) have been defined. Future releases such as 3GPP Rel-16 and Rel-17 will continue to add features that are related to 5G phase2. Considering this environment, 5G-based services are expected to be provided sooner or later. Furthermore, the concern with post 5G related research topics has been growing recently. This symposium will provide an overview of challenges and perspectives of future technologies for optical transport network support of post 5G mobile services.

Kota Asaka
NTT Corporation
Xiang Liu
Futurewei Technologies
Raul Mu├▒oz
Noboru Yoshikane
KDDI Research, Inc.
O4. Photonics technologies in automotive application ~from networks to devices~

Worldwide investigations and developments for photonics technology in car and mobility, including self-driving, are going on. In this symposium, the application development of photonics technologies toward realization of self-driving of car and mobility will be discussed. Such technologies contain various system layers with various photonics devices and networks. Invited lecturers will report latest situation and future prospect of total system, low-latency network, V2X network, in-vehicle network, sensor devices including LiDAR and light sources. Through this symposium, audience is expected to be understand the common and difference of requirement and technologies compared with those in conventional telecom and datacom applications.

Yoshinori Hoshi
Oki Consulting Solutions
Nobuhiko Nishiyama
Tokyo Institute of Technology
Koji Yamada
P1+P2. Advanced optical technologies for Bigdata/IoT service

Big data analytics is expected to be used for various IoT usecases such as public safety (ex., video analytics for privacy protection), smart logistics (ex., crowd analytics, transportation optimization), etc. Such usecases require not only locally-computing at the edge of network but also edge-cloud and cloud-cloud interwork. Optical technologies will be playing a key role to exchange big-data across computing platform. In this symposium optical technologies for hyper distributed computing for big data analytics will be discussed. We invite distinguished experts in the domains of data analytics, IoT, and optical technologies to explore usecases and technologies.

Nicola Calabretta
Eindhoven University of Technology
Young Lee
Huawei, USA
Kohei Shiomoto
Tokyo City University